How does monetization work and the only important thing to get monetized faster!

YouTube allows to monetize content and earn revenue from videos.

But before planning to make money, you need to know how YouTube monetization works.

Some famous YouTubers make a real fortune with the platform. On the other hand, many (most!) do not earn enough to cover the costs of producing the videos, even with an audience. This happens because the YouTube algorithm has many criteria and does not depend only on its subscribers.

How does monetization work?

Until some time ago, you needed to meet some relatively simple requirements for you to be able to earn money or monetize your videos.

Pretty much, you just needed an Adsense account and a YouTube channel, and you could start serving ads on your videos.

As we all know, since 2017 it became a little tougher. And now you need at least 1000 subs, 4000 watch hours and original content and, once you reach those thresholds, your channel can get approved for monetization.

If we had to list what you need to get the monetized, here is a simple but complete list:

  1. Produce original content
  2. Follow the conditions & terms of YouTube and its community
  3. Reach 4000 Hours and 1000 Subscribers
  4. Have a Google AdSense account to serve ads (well, that actually takes a few seconds to create!)

Once you have monetization, you will have the opportunity to put ads in your videos and make money from them.

Google will pay out your earnings monthly, with 14 to 21 days of delay. That means that you will receive your January profit between 14-21 February, February profit between 14-21 march and so on.

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Is there a step by step to make a good monetization?

The good news is that you don’t need to unravel the mysteries of YouTube monetization to start making money. The most important thing, of course, is to produce quality content. And, be persistent until you start getting views.

Sounds cliché but trust me, as simple as it is, that’s the way and there’s no need to stress about those “numbers”, 1000 and 4000.

And once your channel starts getting views regularly, the game is on. Just keep increasing quality and money will be a consequence.

So, to achieve relevance and have followers and views, you need to produce good quality content. Think about topics that you master and are an expert, write down good scripts and create the most demanding content for your audience.

Because quality is key.

Serving ads with Google Ads is the most famous and one of the most effective ways to make money with the platform. So just keep making great videos and the time will come 😉

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